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5 Frameless Cabinet Benefits Worth Considering

1. Frameless Cabinets Are Generally More Affordable Frameless cabinets require less material, meaning they are more affordable to purchase compared with framed cabinets. Interestingly, framed cabinets can be made to have the same “full overlay look” as frameless cabinets, although this usually comes with an upcharge.

2. Going Frameless Offers Increased Storage Frameless cabinets do not include a center stile, or a bulky slab of wood that comes down in between two cabinet doors. Frameless options allow you to have two cabinets side by side without the stile getting in the way of storage space. Without a face frame you get an additional few inches per cabinet, which really adds up. Eliminating the face frame and going ‘frameless’ is often referred to as “full access” cabinetry, simply because this style makes accessing items in your cabinets much easier.

3. More Modern Appeal If you are going for a more modern look frameless kitchen cabinets offer the most appropriate option. The seamless look of a frameless kitchen cabinet offers the more simplistic look characterized by modern design. Today’s modern style is all about keeping things simple, hence why more and more Americans are installing frameless cabinetry.

4. Unlimited Style Variations Just because they are lacking a face frame doesn’t mean they are lacking any style. Frameless cabinets are available in many different styles, offering unlimited opportunities for your kitchen design. Frameless cabinets can be fully customized to meet your exact needs and preferences, including style and functionality. The customizable hinges allow you to open cabinets partially or fully in accordance with the exact placement of cabinet doors, for instance if cabinets are tucked in a corner.

5. Less Shrinking And Swelling If you live in an extreme climate where it is either really hot or really cold you may find that frameless cabinets hold up better throughout the changing seasons. “Shannonplus2” writes on the discussion board, “One thing that drove me crazy about my framed cabinets was that the drawers would stick in summer, and in winter, the uppers’ doors would have too much space around them as the wood shrunk in winter.”

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